Welcome to the home page of Kelly Hughes deposition services. Here you will find information about my services, documents I use, and even some articles I've written to assist other videographers. Use the menu above to select the sections you wish to access.


Prices and Benefits:

  • $70/hr and no travel charges within 30 miles of downtown Houston or Katy
  • Fifteen years of experience shooting depositions and running video departments in the Houston area
  • All digital recording -- no tape changes needed.  Attorneys love this!
  • Real-time monitoring of all recording decks assures no missing audio or video ever  
    article Read an article about how single chain hookup prevents problems
  • I deliver DVD masters, and MPEG-1 at no extra charge.  MPEG-4 and HD camera files available to those who want it
  • No tape or disc charges, regardless of depo length
  • Latest generation
    High Def video camera Click to get more info about the Sony HXR-NX3 camera
    for sharpest, cleanest video.   Masters are 1080p, and 4K is available though not advisable
  • Mobile 4G open Wifi internet connection provided at all locations where reception allows
  • I pamper your clients. I bring a
    goodie tray Click to see my goodie-tray
    Items less often used (Cough drops, coffee condiments, hand warmers) are in my toolbox so they don't waste table space
    of snacks, stapler, paperclips, binder clips, reading glasses, phone chargers (no A/C required), coffee condiments, cough drops, mints, back scratcher, Advil/Tylenol, water flavors, handwarmers, sometimes home-made fudge.
  • Audio options for reporters: line feed with volume control / headphones, USB feed, MP3/Wav file, or download from server
  • Notary Public for non-steno depositions
  • Careful attention to video - custom settings used for properly colored faces, even when CWB can't nail down correct colors
  • Awesome audio - a studio grade compressor ensures consistent volume not only from speaker to speaker, but also between quiet and loud passages, with no "AGC pumping".
  • No job dropping - once you schedule me, that time is yours. I won't drop a job back on you if a bigger one comes along
  • Equipment stays pre-wired, so I can be setup in under 15 mins. No space needed on conference table if seating is tight
  • Backup videos
    are archived Current long-term format for archives is 720x480 MP4 h.265, cropped to 4:3 aspect ratio. I can re-make any current deliverable from this format without noticeable loss of quality from conversion. In the event that widescreen aspects or higher resolution video becomes more popular in the legal industry, I will adjust archive formats to match.
    for all my shoots for 5 years. Replacement discs always available later if yours are lost/broken
  • I keep backup PDFs of all paperwork and invoices turned in.  Copies can be sent via my phone in seconds
  • 2 hour minimum, $75 cancellation after arrival, $100 cancellation after setup
  • Editing and synchronizing services available



























Here's the equipment I use:

Common Items:
Primary kit:  
2 Stacked Pieces, consisting of:
Backup kit:  
Can be used stand-alone, or with Ninjabox
2 Rack Row Gator box containing:
Aux audio kit for additional channels: (combined with primary kit = 15 attorney mics)  
3 Rack Row Gator box containing:



























My Forms and Utils

My Forms


My Utils

Automatic batch processing, using FFMPEG.   Video joining and batch conversion in one app!

All of my previous batch file utilities have been replaced by a single "grandma friendly" Windows console app I wrote myself. The 64-bit version is preferred, but for anyone stuck on a 32bit version of Windows, there is a 32bit version available too. Only the file sizes seen in the Joiner require 64bit, and none of the joining functionality depends on those values, except the initial placement of dividers. So if you're on 32bit and you have files over 4GB, just ignore the sizes, put your own dividers wherever you want, and everything works fine. Below 4GB, everything looks normal anyway.

  • AutoMTS4.exe   - MTS binary file joiner and Batch Conversion Processor. 32bit version here

  • FFMPEG static executable 64bit   - World-reknown FFMPEG video tool. Static linked, so it doesn't need any DLLs or other files. Ready to use! (32bit, XP ver)

  • Monitor.exe   - Watches a folder (use "start in" field of a shortcut) and lets you know which batches are running or done. Probably more useful for someone running a video department like I do, less so for individuals who work on one or two jobs at a time. This one is only 32bit.



    1) Download the EXE files to wherever you want them. Keep them together because AutoMTS4 will look for FFMPEG.EXE in the same folder where its own EXE lives.

    2) To avoid annoying Windows dialog messages about the program coming from another computer, right click on each of the EXE files, hit properties, and there should be a security option at the bottom that lets you unblock the program.

    3) Next, drag a shortcut from AutoMTS4.exe to the desktop. Right click and choose properties, and WIPE OUT THE "STARTS IN" FIELD. This is hugely important. You want to be able to drop a copy of that shortcut into each new MTS folder you work in, and with that field empty, it will use the current folder as where to look for files to open -- ie, your video files you want converted!

    That's all there is to the setup. To use it, just drag a copy of the shortcut to the folder where your videos need converting, and double click it.

    That's it! Easy peasy!




























Articles I've Written


MPEG-1 bitrates and Why I like MP4 better  

People sometimes ask me what bitrate to use for MPEG-1. Here's what I use, and why I like MP4 better


The Problems with portable DVD recorders  

Portable DVD recorders usually make awful discs that require recapturing the depo at 1X speed. Here's why


Single Chain Hookup   (outdated)

The Single Chain Hookup Technique is an important part of what makes me a great videographer. It's a simple technique that any videographer can use to increase his reliability and reduce risk factors. This article explains it in broad detail.


Benefits of HDD Recording   (outdated)

Recording to redundant hard drives in the field gives the videographer several key benefits, both in convenience and decreased costs to be passed on to the client.



























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