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  • I do deposition videos of all types -- PIP, Elmo, non-steno, Zoom, and combinations
  • Twenty two years of experience shooting depositions and running video departments in the Houston area
  • All digital recording with no tape changes needed
  • Real-time monitoring of all recorders assures no missing audio or video ever
  • Latest generation 3-CCD HD video camera for sharpest, cleanest video
  • Support for hearing-imparied attendees with headphone amps, complimentary earbuds
  • Audio hookup for reporters
  • Notary Public for non-steno depositions
  • Awesome audio - proper gain structure and studio grade compressors ensure consistent volume at all times
  • Directional mics, noise gates and automix features make quieter backgrounds, make speakers sound closer and clearer
  • No job dropping - once you schedule me, that time is yours. I won't drop a job back on you if a bigger one comes along
  • Equipment kit is pre-wired, so I can be setup in under 30 mins
  • Backup videos are archived in 1080p h.265, for at least 5 years
  • I keep permanent backup PDFs of all paperwork and invoices turned in
  • Modern file delivery with WeTransfer or my own file pickup server









  • In-person depo : $75 / hr, 2.5 hour minimum
    • - Cancellation fees : $120 same-day cancellation
    • - No travel charges within 35 miles of Houston (50c per mile if over 35 miles)
  • Zoom depo : $75 / hr, 2.5 hour minimum
    • - Cancellation fees : $75 if within one hour of depo start time
    • - Master recorded externally on Ninja for 1080p, 16x9, side-by-side exhibits every time
    • - No random changes in resolution or aspect ratio, like Zoomlocal and Zoomcloud are known for
  • Zoom add-on for in person : $75
    • - HD cam video / audio from lapel mics sent out on Zoom
    • - Multiple monitors, so remote attendees and docs can be seen by all, including reporter
    • - Exhibits shown remotely can be mixed in as PIP on master recording
  • Elmo add-on for in-person : $300
    • - PIP mixer and Elmo document camera provided
    • - Multiple HDMI inputs - attorneys can share w/ Elmo and multiple laptops without moving wires
    • - Separate monitors provided to all attendees including reporter
    • - Remote exhibits on Zoom are mixed with PIP beside witness on recording, just like Elmo docs
    • - Zoom attendees and doc shares are shown on room monitors
  • No setup or breakdown charges
  • No tape fees, disc fees, disc burning fees, archive charges, or other dumb hidden costs




Equipment Used

  • Main : Sony HXR-NX3 3-CCD High Def digital camcorder       Backup : Sony HXR-NX3 also

  • Main : Behringer XR18 mixer       Backup : Behringer X18-Air mixer

  • These tablet-driven mixers have 16 XLR mic channels, compression / EQ / noise gates on every channel, Auto-mix feature

  • Audio Technica AT-831R - Directional lavalier mics (I have approx 10 of these)
  • Picogear Pico wireless mics. Tiny, almost invisible, and 20 hr batteries!
  • Rode Wireless GO II mics, wireless lavalier mics with no body packs! (I have 6 of these)
Backup Recorder:  

  • Atomos Ninja Flame - HD Backup video recorder with SSD   (7" screen, 1080p and 4K)
ELMO Related:  

  • HDMI PIP mixers -- Roland V-1HD (4 Input), Feelworld L2 (4 Input), or Roland V-02HD (2 Input), depending on which field kit used
  • Elmo MO-1 - Document camera with 4K output
  • Monitors: Four 15" IPS portable flatscreen HDMI monitors, more coming soon
  • I don't use projectors, since most rooms aren't compatible
Other Gear:  

  • Backdrop: Westcott, smokey gray, 6'x 9' (oversized)
  • Zoom H6 multi-track recorder - Multi-track MP3 Audio recorder with compression



Tools and Blank Forms


Here are the files available:






Shooter Zoom Notary
for non-steno
& In person + Zoom
& Elmo + Zoom
Jason W
Jason J


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